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Note: All recommended resources have been reviewed thoroughly by Diane, and pass muster for being a worthwhile investment of your time and/or money. Usually I know the person delivering these resources personally. To be completely transparent, in some cases I am an affiliate and I would receive a commission. However, I only become an afflilate for products and services I truly believe in. This world is full of people who try to take advantage of the many people who want to get published. I feel it is part of my mission to provide some guidance on what is of true value and what is not.

Teleseminar: Resource Roundup for Authors (1)

On this call I covered the tools you need for the natural progression of what you would need, step by step, to go from getting focused and productive, to starting your book, to what you would do to put together a book proposal, to setting up a website and/or blog, to using tools to build your list and sell stuff.

Before you listen, make sure you download the Resource Guide. It has all the links you need for the resources, plus space to take notes. Some resources will apply to you right now, some later. Keep the Resrouce Guide handy to refer to as needed.

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For your convenience, here is the list of the recommended resources.

A free system to increase your productivity and help you focus: Simpleology 101

To start your book now:   Get the "Jump Start Your Book: 12 Steps to Writing a Book that Sells" Toolkit with the special bonuses only available to listeners of this call.

To write a book proposal that will get you noticed by a publisher:

To start your own website to sell books and other products:

Details of what all this means are discussed in the teleseminar. Plus, many questions were answered, such as:

  • "If you were to write a book, how would you rank the most important things to spend time and money on?" 
  • "Is a blog really important...if so, why?" 
  • "How do you keep yourself motivated through the time consuming process of writing a book or ebook." 
  • "How important is a web page/site to sell books?" 
  • "How do you go about setting up a website or blog? Do I need someone else to do it for me?" 
  • and more! 

Build Your Platform

Learn how to use Twitter, the newest way to gain a following, connect with people of like mind, and by-pass email spam filters to get your messages out. Besides that, it's fun. Get your Mastering Twitter Special Report here.

Book Proposal Secrets by Publishing Veteran Terry Whalin

If you want to know how to write a book proposal, Terry Whalin has a number of excellent resources to take you step by step through the process of writing a great book proposal. If you yearn to get published by a commercial publisher--with all the added credibiity that brings (especially to the media), you must check out Terry's resources. You only get one chance to make a good impression with a publsiher--Terry, a former editor, now literary agent, and also author, shows you how:

Teleseminar Secrets for Authors

Teleseminars are a great way for authors to bring their content to readers before or after they're published. This resource combines two things: Alex Mandossian's Teleseminar Secrets Preview Call, plus my follow-up "strategy sesion" that shows how what you learn from the foremost teleseminar expert applies to you as an author. Alex's Preview Call, along with the bonus training you will get from me, you will possess enough information to begin profiting from teleseminars right away. Find out more about Teleseminar Secrets for Authors.

The Working Writer's Coach

If you long to become a freelance writer and make it a career, the best person I know to help you do that is Suzanne Lieurance, "the Working Writer's Coach." (To learn more about Suzanne, click here.)

Check out her website for the different learning opportunities she offers:

  • Weekly one-hour group coaching calls,Writers on Call. Each Monday, she will be sending a short preview podcast of who will be on that week. Calls are on Thursday nights, 7-8 p.m. Central Time.  
  • If you prefer more personal, one-on-one coaching, Suzanne also offers an 8-week intensive Working Writer's Coaching Program. You'll find Suzanne not only knowledgeable, but clear and very personable. Her materials are top-notch! 
  • If you like to work at your own pace, Suzanne's Working Writer's Coach self-study program is for you. You will get the Working Writer's Marketing Guide outlining a week-by-week program to turn your writing into a paid freelance writing career, as well as two 15-minute coaching sessions by phone with Suzanne. 
  • Finally, if writing for children is what interests you, Suzanne's National Writing for Children's Center has a wealth of resources, such as the Children's Writers Coaching Club, "Book Bites for Kids" podcasts, and The Secrets of Writing for Children training course. 

If you do nothing else, sign up for Suzanne's list. You'll get her two free ebooks - Get Your Freelance Writing Career Off the Ground and Tricks of the Trade: Learn to Write for Children. Every weekday morning you'll also receive The Morning Nudge, a few words to inspire and motivate you to get a little writing done.

Radio Publicity Manual

If you enjoy talking on the phone, radio is for you. And Alex Carroll's Radio Publicity Manual is the bible you need to learn how to get yourself lots of radio publicity.

Alex has poured his 15 years of experience being a guest on nearly 1,400 shows (and selling a quarter of a million books) into the new edition of his Radio Publicity Manual.  But don't just take my word for it ... get it now and read the Manual for yourself. (If you want to learn more about what you'll find in the Manual, go here.)

To find time to write your book:

  • Simpleology . A brilliant combination of goal-setting, self-awareness training, time management, and self-discipline, all rolled into one rather simple approach. Simpleology 101 ("the simple science of getting what you want") is free. Simpleology 102 ("the simple science of money") and 103 ("the simple science of energy") are not, but are worth checking out. Read my full review

To help you make a living from your writing:

  • Special Report by Jimmy D. Brown on five simple steps to starting a profitable information business-all beginning with Small Reports which, as I mention in my article, can be created from articles. 
  • Virtual Book Tour and Teleseminar expert Alex Mandossian conducts monthly QA calls in which he answers questions about marketing through the electronic media. To ask Alex your question and attend these teleseminars, click here.

To help you get published:

  • To avoid all the mistakes authors commonly make, learn how to map out your plan, and begin your book the right way-guaranteed-check out the . "Jump Start Your Book: 12 Questions You Must Answer To Write a Book That SELLS" Toolkit 
  • Sign up to be notified of when the "Book Proposals that Sell: How to Write A Proposal Publishers Find Irresistible" course is ready. (No obligation.) 
  • To find out everything you need to know about book proposals and how to get published, Terry Whalin has put together "Editor Reveals Book Proposal Secrets," an audio training in 3 CDs that represent more than three hours of solid content. This resource will give you everything you need to know in order to prepare a killer book proposal that no editor will reject. If you want to get published by a traditional publisher, you need this resource! Without "insider information" like this, your chances of capturing an editor's attention are razor thin. However, with this resource, you will be well-equipped to avoid the traps and present your book in a way that editors will receive. More information about why I recommend this resource.

 To get your website going for less than $32 per month:

Best web design software package--no tech experience or webmaster needed!

  • Xsite Pro web design software V.2 allows you to create web sites quickly, inexpensively, and to maintain them without a web master or any technical knowledge. One of the handful of programs I could not do without, for a very reasonable price. I've found search engines find my XSP sites more than even my blogs! Check out this feature-rich program. (every word they say about it is true, no hype.)

What you need to sell stuff online:



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