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The One Simple Concept that Will Enable You to Write Irresistible, Persuasive Copy ... Every Time

What if I told you that if you learn one simple marketing concept--that from that day forward, your online communications would immediately generate extraordinary results? 

If you are like most people, I’m sure you' re saying, "What is that concept -- and how fast can I learn it?”

The concept is "Frame of Mind Marketing" and it is delivered in Maria Veloso's free ebook, which you can obtain as quickly as it takes you to fill out the form below and click a few times.



Do you dream of writing a book someday?   

Essential Copywriting Reference Guide

I keep a copy of both this ebook and Maria's book, Web Copy that Sells, on my desk and refer to it often--even though I'm actually certified in her Web copywriting approach. (The book also has my highest recommendation. Make sure you get the second edition, which just came out and has brand-new material that is truly groundbreaking.)

If you're tired of the kind of Web copy that screams "Buy Me!" and don't want your writing to do that—yet you do want people to buy your book or other products--then get a copy of Maria's "Frame-of-Mind Marketing" and devour it.

She will show you how to craft persuasive communications that start where all good persuasion starts: with your recipients' frame of mind.

Who Is Maria Veloso -- and Why Should You Believe Her?

Maria Veloso is one of my mentors, chosen because she is an outstanding Internet strategist, web copywriting trainer (director of Web Copywriting University), and one of the most sought-after specialists of web traffic conversion in the industry. She is a 30-year veteran of direct marketing who has developed a unique model of direct-response web copywriting that has consistently been proven to sell a wide array of products and services on the Web.

(Besides which, she's one of the nicest and most generous people I know.)

Here's what Michael Parsons, Persuasion Technologies expert from  Sacramento, California, said about "Frame-of-Mind Marketing":

"I believe the information in this eBook can change not only the way you do business ... but also dramatically improve your persuasion skills--both online or offline."

I agree with Michael when he adds, "This 27-page eBook is the 'definitive' guide to communicating effectively with the Internet buying public, getting into your online prospects' minds, and getting them to click, sign up, register, subscribe, or buy whatever you're selling."

I would add that the content in this free ebook contains more immediately useful and unique content than most of what's out there on copywriting that you would pay for.

It's free because Maria is like that. She's given me permission to distribute it to all of my clients and readers.

So please, get your free copy of "Frame of Mind Marketing" now. But don't just download it—print it out, set aside some time and read it. Highlighter and pen in hand. Then, start using what you learn!

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