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What would make people buy your book on title alone?


"How to Choose Your Best-Selling Title"



Imagine the mere mention of your book's title spurring people to ask, "Where can I get your book?"


Better yet, what if when someone hears your book title on the radio or podcast, or sees it listed on Amazon, or notices the book spine on a bookstore shelf---what if then they wanted to buy more than one copy?


It is possible.


In fact, it happened back in the 1920s. A man named E. Haldeman-Julius sold 100 million copies of his "Little Blue Books"—by title alone!


Better yet, he analyzed in detail which titles sold and which didn't, and uncovered some "magic words" that make people buy.


What were those magic words?


I will be revealing them, and a whole lot more, in an upcoming 5-module teleclass ... and I hope you can attend!


Invitation from "Your Book Publishing Coach"


Publishing Insider's Guide #1:


"Choosing Your Best-Selling Title"

5-Module TeleCourse


My training as a copywriter has taught me the importance of a headline to any form of copy. Just like a headline, a book's title and subtitle must do a lot of work. Together they have to grab attention, promise a benefit or pique curiosity enough to make people want to know more.


In fact, I think a book's title needs to work even harder than a headline. It not only has to pique interest, it has to accurately represent the book, and be memorable enough to create the "buzz" or word of mouth so crucial to a book's success.


Sadly, even many publishers don't have a clue as to how to title a book so it will sell. I've been to enough titling meetings as an editor to know that rarely do publishers take the time to do any research. I do believe they can tell a great title when they hear it, but coming up with one is a combination of art and science that takes time to hone.


It's a skill that's worth developing. And I want to help you develop it, so that whether you self-publish or work with a traditional publisher, your title will stand out above all other books on your topic.


Which will, of course, sell your book. It may even get you on a best-seller list (though that would be a factor of many other efforts).


My  5-module TeleCourse, "Choosing Your Best-Selling Title,"  will guide you step-by-step through the process of choosing the best possible title for your book.


It doesn't only work for book titles, either, though that will be the focus. Once you learn the process of coming up with a winning title, you can apply it to any information product (ebook, teleseminar series, home-study course, etc.). You can also apply it to your marketing materials—such as press releases, articles, sales copy.


Here's what you will learn in each module ...


Module 1: "What Makes a Best-Selling Title?"

  • Why a title and subtitle can either make or break your book
  • Scientific studies of what makes a best-selling title
  • Analysis of some titles on the best-seller list now and what makes them work
  • Why it's crucial for YOU to come up with the best title (and not leave it to your publisher)
  • The characteristics of a great title
  • Magic words that make people buy one book over another
  • The different "jobs" your title and subtitle must do. Miss even one, and your book is likely doomed.

Module 2: "Build Your Swipe File: 10 Places to Find Your Best-Selling Title"

  • How to use search engines –what to search for
  • The crucial distinction to look for when researching potential best-selling titles
  • At least 4 goldmines you would likely never think to look
  • How to access research others have already paid thousands for—yet it's free to you
  • How book titles differ from headlines, magazine titles, ezine article titles, and press releases—and how to adapt  your research techniques to each different kind of title

Module 3: Choosing Your Top Titles

  • From swipe file to templates—how to narrow down what you've found
  • The 7 criteria for choosing your winning title
  • What your book must do for it to sell (which your title must reflect)
  • The "formula" for a great title
  • How your title and subtitle work together
  • What to do if the title that most accurately represents your book does not match any of the other criteria
  • How to make sure your titles are also search-engine friendly (there's a little-known free tool for researching this that will blow your mind)

Module 4: How to Test Your Title and Conclusively Find Your Best-Seller

  • 6 fun and no-cost ways to test your title
  • The right and wrong ways to survey people about your title (do it the wrong way, and the answers are worthless)
  • How to conduct a "titling party"
  • How to earn cash while testing your book title (this one idea may more than pay for the price of this course!)
  • How to set up your testing so it's accurate
  • How to instantly test your title the same way Tim Ferriss tested his best-selling title (this is the only approach that will cost you money if you use it)

Module 5: Questions Answered


Throughout the course, you will have the opportunity to ask questions. Anything not answered in the course material will be covered in this special Q&A.


You will be able to submit your current title ideas, and at the end of each module's teleclass there will be time to evaluate and improve upon your title.


The course begins the week of October 1, 2007. Each module will be approximately one hour in length.


Don't worry if you can't attend the live class. You will be able to listen to the recording at your convenience.


You will also be able to ask questions via email during the webcast of the class itself. And you will be able to access all the  materials I make available to students.



Money-back Guarantee:

If after the second module you do not think this course is for you, you may email me and I will refund your money, no questions asked. You risk nothng!



Early-bird Special: Regular price will be $397, but the early-bird price is only $297. You'll save  $100 and secure your spot now (I can only take a limited number of students, since the course is so personalized).


Sign up now and get the Early-Bird Special.


Want to listen to the replay of the Q & A Teleseminar about How to Choose a Best-Selling Title?

Here's just some of what we covered on the call ... which will also be answered in much more detail in the TeleCourse: 

  • How much time should I invest in creating a great title, when the publisher will have the final say and possibly change it?
  • How is the book title different from a sales letter headline? 
  • Should I use a "How to..." format?
  • How long or short should title/subtitle be?
  • Some titles seem to have little to do with the subject. Is this just a marketing technique?
  • How much should the book title reflect the "flavor" of the book? How different would titles be for a romance novel versus a mystery?
  • Is there a formula or guidelines for choosing best selling titles and subtitles?
  • Of course, there are eye-catching and thought-stimulating titles on the best-seller lists, but many of them are mediocre and boring. I have been struggling with my book title for months. What is the actual process for arriving at a winning title?
  • Does it have to be keyword and benefit laden?
  • I've heard it's a good idea to start your title with a number--what do you think?
  • Do controversial titles or titels that make people stop and think about what is being implied, sell well?
  • Is a short title (like a single word) better than a long one (like a phrase?
  • What's the purpose for the title and the purpose for the subtitle? Is one more important than the other?
  • How much importance do publishers place on best-selling titles?
  • How important is subtitle for a nonfiction book?
  • How likely is it that my book title will be changed by the publisher (even though I may think it's a great title)?
  • Is it enough to indicate my niche marekt in the subtitle, or should it be in the title?

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