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 Congratulations! Simply by clicking on this page, you have made a commitment. You have indicated that you are a person of action.

You are finally tired enough of letting your book simmer away inside you. It's starting to boil up, and you're ready to tend to it. You feel in your bones that it's time to add some ingredients to the pot, so to speak, and see what kind of delicious result will delight you and the rest of the world.

You're ready, you're willing, but ... you have a question.


"How do I get started?"


I have just the right answer for you.


It's a toolkit called "Jump Start Your Book: 12 Steps to Writing a Book that Sells."


Whether or not you've already written your manuscript, this resource will give you all you need to plan your book so that you won't guess ... you won't wonder ... you will know that it will sell.


Do you dream of landing a contract with a publisher? Listen to what a top professional publisher has to say about Jump Start Your Book.


"Please -- before you write your book, before you send your proposal on to people like me, you MUST read -- and honestly answer -- Diane Eble's 'Jump Start Your Book: 12 Steps to Writing a Book that Sells.'
"Diane knows publishing from the inside out. She knows how we think and how the business works. And she wants to help you succeed! So do yourself ... and us publishers ... a big favor and get Jump Start Your Book!"

-- Betsey Newenhuyse
Director of Editorial Production, Moody Publishers


Your First Coaching Session: Laying the Groundwork


In essence, this is your first coaching session. Actually, your first several coaching sessions.


I created this toolkit to be a cost-effective way for people to get my expert help to start their book. This coaching session would normally take a client at least one, if not two or three sessions to work through with me, which for some people is simply beyond their budget. You don't really need my personal help, anyway, until you've first thought through these 12 steps. 


Jump Start Your Book lays the all-important foundation for all of your next steps in writing and publishing your book. No matter where you are in the process--just beginning to think about it, book partially written, or even completed--you will need to answer these questions in order to find the fastest, most direct route to the plan that best suits your true goals and needs.


The 12 steps are actually 12 questions that all successful authors answer--usually before they write their first word.


Why questions?


Because questions force your brain to come up with answers--answers that are true for you.


It's as old as Socrates, who used questions to tease the truth out of people.


As you answer these 12 questions, you will begin to get a clearer picture of your book. More importantly, you will start to communicate your book in a way that others can receive.


And that is what publishers are looking for.


How Publishing Has Changed--and How "Jump Start" Gives You the Edge


Publishing has changed dramatically in the past 10 years or so. It's now harder than ever to get a publishing contract with a traditional publisher. If you have not answered the questions in  "Jump Start Your Book," your chances of getting a publishing contract are about on a par with winning the jackpot lotto lottery by buying one ticket. (By the way, those odds are somewhere between 1000 to 1 and 55,000,000 to 1 that you will lose.)

However, when you answer the 12 crucial questions in the Jump Start Your Book Manual, you will have laid the groundwork for writing a killer book proposal that makes a publisher take notice and offer you a decent advance--perhaps even a huge advance. (That will depend on whether you do the other things you will learn.)


Working through the Jump Start Your Book Manual is like constructing a jigsaw puzzle. The exercises allow you to construct the pieces we will use to put together the final picture of your publishing puzzle. That picture will fit you and your needs and goals precisely; no cookie cutter or one-size approach here. You will discover:

  • What you really want from publishing a book--and whether writing and publishing a book is truly what will fulfill your deepest desires. (This can save you years of wasted time and grief and lead to true fulfillment.)
  • The two possible audiences for your book, and why this matters tremendously
  • The financial realities of publishing a book--and how to make them work for, not against, you
  • The all-important question to ask yourself when thinking about your book's topic (publishers will ask it, and if you don't have a ready answer, your book is doomed)
  • Four ways to write your book (two of which you probably have never heard of)
  • The mind-set you must have if you want to make money from your book (rather than find it on the Barnes & Noble "bargain books" shelves within a year)
  • Special bonus: a section containing three ways to beat writer's block and generate great ideas quickly and easily.(Using just one of these techniques, one client outlined her entire revision of her book in 12 minutes!)

In addition to all these benefits from the Jump Start Your Book Manual, I have put together several more bonuses in the Jump Start Your Book Toolkit to speed you along the publishing path.

Special Bonus #1 Takes You Step-by-Step through Creating an Information Product

In addition to the Manual and Workbook, you get this special bonus: a 51-minute MP3 audio of an interview I did with Kevin Wilke of NitroMarketing that takes you step by step through the process of creating an information product. This special training session is unavailable anywhere else except through Kevin's special "10 in 90" training session, which is now closed. I am offering it only to those who order Jump Start Your Book.

You can use this additional coaching session to help you write your book, or even to create a smaller product first--an eBook, Special Report, or article. (I recommend this--it's one quick way to begin to establish your expertise and create an extra stream of income.)

In this recording you will learn:

  • the brainstorming technique that I've used for everything I do (not only writing). This technique allows you to generate ideas so quickly you'll be amazed.
  • how to identify which of the two kinds of writer you are, and how to work with your natural style.
  • how to recognize and deal with the "internal editor" that tries to sabotage your efforts.
  • cutting-edge tools that enable you to evaluate your market (one of the key questions you must answer) to ensure that your book will become successful. (Most of these you probably never heard of.)
  • which information your book must contain in order for it to sell well.
  • how to evaluate your ideas if you have more than one, so that you make sure you work on the one that will give you the quickest results in the easiest way.
  • advanced (but easy!) research tools and strategies that will make creating your content easier than you ever imagined.
  • two secrets I've used (in addition to the brainstorming technique) to bypass writer's block completely. I guarantee these will work for you, too.
  • how to organize your material so that your book takes shape almost by itself.
  • how to actually create an eBook or other product in PDF format--free.
  • how to write a book if you don't like to write.

This audio training is a $67 value--but you get it free as part of your Jump Start Your Book Toolkit.


There's yet another important bonus....


Special Bonus #2: How to Write Irresistible Queries and Proposals


This bonus will dramatically increase your chances of being published by traditional magazine and book publishers.


It will show you exactly how to make sure you are paid to write


I'm talking about getting paid to write the articles that will help you establish your credibility as an expert in your field. The queries you submit to an agent so that you can attract a traditional publisher (who will pay you an advance and royalties to publish your book). And, the book proposal you need to attract a book publisher, who will pay you an advance and royalties, publish your book, and handle the distribution of your book into retail and other outlets.

Authors who are published and paid for it--whether in magazines or by a book publisher--have learned the art of persuading magazine and book editors that their ideas and ability to convey those ideas are worth publishers paying for.

They learned how to write powerful queries (for magazines) and book proposals.

I hate to say this, but the paid magazine and book publishing industries are extremely competitive. To break in, you have to stand head and shoulders above the thousands of submissions publishers receive every single day.

There are only six--count 'em, six--major publishers in the U.S. (They are: Random House, Inc.; Penguin Putnam; HarperCollins, Holtzbrinck Publishing Holdings, Time Warner, Simon & Schuster.) To even be considered by any of these publishers, you will need a literary agent.

How do you get an agent? You write a killer query letter! Then, for them to sell your work to a publisher, you need an outstanding book proposal.

So, whether you're trying to get published by a magazine or a book publisher, you need to know how to write powerful queries and book proposals.

In this Special Bonus, which is part of your Jump Start Your Book Toolkit, you will receive an audio download of a class I did with  Suzanne Lieurance, known as "the Working Writer's Coach,"  and I did for the University of Masters online university.

Here are just a few of the things you will learn in this recording:

  • The number one reason queries are rejected--and how to avoid it.
  • The one thing you must do to hook an editor. This works not only to sell to a magazine, but also to the media. Learn this well, and you will leap-frog over the competition.
  • Two things to do before you even send your query, to pave the way. Do this, and the editor will welcome your query--and likely, publish you as well.
  • How to get editors to come to you for more articles.
  • How to know what magazine editors are looking for.
  • Tips on pitching specific magazines.
  • The trick that will boost your chances of getting published.
  • The difference between how you approach magazine and book editors.
  • How to find the right agent (crucial--the wrong one can be a nightmare).
  • The five essential elements of a winning book proposal.
  • Why you should never write a book until you've done this first.
  • Why it's crucial that you get your book proposal right before you submit to a publisher.
  • My proprietary outline for book proposals (the very same one I used to sell every book I ever proposed--11 books and 1 reprint).
  • The most important part of a proposal--and how to make this as strong as possible.
  • An insider's tool that you can use to prove there's a market for your book.
  • How to make your book idea irresistible to a publisher.
  • The key questions to answer that will make it easy for an editor to sell your book to the publishing house.
  • The secret formula for the "marketing plan" section of your proposal, that will convince a publisher you're worth investing in.
  • How a fiction proposal differs from a nonfiction proposal--and what you absolutely need or you'll never sell your novel.

Special Bonus #3--For Those Who Take Action


Once you answer the 12 crucial questions contained in this first coaching session, you will have proven to me--and more importantly, to yourself--that you have what it takes to become a successfully published author.


I will be so proud of you! To reward you, I want to give yet another, very valuable bonus. 


When you complete and send me the answers to your 12 questions (the Workbook part), you will be entitled to a free, 20-minute one-on-one "laser coaching session" to help you figure out your blueprint to publishing success. This in itself is a $85 value--your reward from me for completing the manual.


You will have the opportunity for me to work with you to map out your next step ...

               and your next step ...

                           all the way to your finished book.


No, let me correct that. All the way to your finished, successful book and money in the bank.


As you sit here reading this, imagine ... what will you do with an extra stream of income (or two)? Replace your current vehicle? Remodel your kitchen? Pay for your child's college education? Secure your retirement? Finally take your dream vacation ...


I want to start my book now!

Your Book ... or a Movie?


Okay, enough dreaming. Now it's time to take action!


If you're really serious about starting your book now--and you wouldn't have read this far if you weren't--you need to ask yourself an important question at this point.


What kind of investment are you willing to make to fulfill your dream of getting your book published?


Would you be willing to forego say, the cost and time you would spend for dinner at a nice restaurant and a move, in order to begin writing your book?


That's about all it would take to get started right now. The Jump Start Your Book: 12 Steps to Writing a Book that Sells Toolkit costs only $97--less than what you would pay for dinner for two and a movie for two with large popcorn and a soft drink.


The 2-3 hours you spend answering the questions, instead of eating out and watching that movie, will go far toward laying the foundation for your book. When you listen to the audio classes, you will gain all the information you need to brainstorm topics, begin your book, brainstorm article topics, and write powerful query letters to send to editors and agents. You will also have my proprietary book proposal outline that will allow you to build on what you've done with the Jump Start Your Book Manual. You will have just what you need to write a powerful book proposal just like the ones I used to sell every book I ever proposed.


So the next time you're invited to go out to a movie, you can just smile and say, "Not this time. I'm writing my book." They'll probably look at you in surprise--until they see the glint of determination in your eyes. Right then and there, you will experience the respect that will only grow as you continue taking action toward writing your book. When it's finished, you will enjoy the prestige that comes from being a published author.



I want to start my book now!

Better than a Ph.D. ...


That prestige of publishing a book surpasses even the cache of having a Ph.D. or M.D., believe it or not:


According to Kevin Hogan, author of The Science of Influence, nothing boosts your credibility and expertise in the mind of the public like your own printed book. An advanced degree is actually second to having published a book.


An advanced degree would cost you tens of thousands of dollars--not to mention 4-9 years of hard work. The cost of Jump Start Your Book is infinitesimal compared to the cost of a Ph.D.! And it will get you where you want to go, much faster and easier.


Listen, I am so eager for you to begin your book now, I considered giving these valuable tools away. But then I realized if I do that, they will end up sitting on your computer gathering cyberdust along with all the other free downloads you've collected and done nothing with.


So I'm doing the next best thing by offering you the free follow-up coaching session. In essence, you will get Jump Start Your Book for free. I'm just requiring you to invest a bit upfront, so you will appreciate its value.


In fact, between the audios and the free follow-up coaching session, you are getting the equivalent of at least three coaching sessions for less than half the price of one session!


The real value, of course, is the time Jump Start Your Book and the follow-up coaching will shave off of your learning curve. It might take you a thousand hours to write your book. Then you may spend many months in the typical "find an agent/send it off to a publisher and wait" routine. This process can take another year or two!


But if you start your book correctly, by answering the 12 questions in the Jump Start Your Book manual, you can shave hundreds of hours of time off of the process. If you follow the steps in the audio, you can even create an interim product quickly. In your follow-up coaching session, I'll show you how to begin to establish your credibility and build an added stream of income right away, even while you're writing your "bigger book."


When you finish Jump Start Your Book, you will determine which is the best publishing route to take, and you will know you have a saleable book. Chances are good that you might be able to secure a publishing contract and advance even before you write your book. (That's the way the pros do it. Get paid before you write--and know that it will be published.)


How much is your time worth to you? Is it worth $20, $47 or $150 per hour? Whatever your time is worth, doesn't it make sense to invest a fraction of it or even twice that, to save you many hours and much money? Isn't it worth $97 to learn how to do it right--plus get a road map for your action plan, customized to you?



"I consider Jump Start Your Book Toolkit to be a good value. If I had sat down for a few days and thought about questions and challenges related to putting my project together, I probably would have come up with about two-thirds of what's covered in the JS Manual. The rest probably only comes with experience, so I'd have had to pay for that, one way or another. Even the things I could have come up with on my own, however, were worth the cost. It would have taken me quite some time. What's my time worth per hour? A lot more than $97 divided by the number of hours I would have wasted thinking, and then organizing my thoughts.

" I have a friend who just self-published a book.  He had a terrible time getting it done, probably because he hadn't thought about some of these issues.

"Einstein is reputed to have said, 'Don't look to become a person of success, look instead to become a person of value.' I think you've achieved this."

--Dave Jacobs, High Ridge, MO

Why You Need to Act Now


With my coaching/consulting practice filling up rapidly, I do not know how much longer I will be able to offer this last bonus. Even if I continue to offer it, chances are very good that I will raise the price considerably. So if you're serious about starting your book, the time to act is right now.



It all comes down to: Do you want to be published? Are you ready for your words to finally profit you, your audience, and the world? Are you ready to change lives? Are you ready to take your life and your career to the next level?


If your answer is yes, please get your instant download of the Jump Start Your Book: 12 Steps to Writing a Book that Sells Toolkit right now. (Note: When you download the document, you will be able to choose whether you prefer an Adobe Acrobat PDF formatted file, or a Word document. The mp3 audios will be available for instant download, which you can listen to at your leisure.)


In just five minutes, you will have everything you need to finally start writing your book!


Taken together,  the resources in the Jump Start Your Book Toolkit equip you with the three skills you absolutely need to become a successful author: the right mindset, the right tools, and the right action steps in the right order. Just by working through the manual and putting your answers down on paper, you will be developing the skills you need in order to succeed. Guaranteed.


As I said, there are many ways to go about publishing, depending on your goals. Once you have your answers, I can help you evaluate which of the two ways to write a book, and which of the three ways to publish it, best fit your goals.


Remember, if you have questions as you go throughthe Jump Start Your Book Manual or the other tools, you can always e-mail me. I will answer you personally, plus you can  hear your questions answered on the "Ask Diane Anything about Writing or Publishing" free group coaching teleclasses I'll be holding.



If you are not satisfied with the "Jump Start Your Book Toolkit" in any way, please contact me for a no-hassle refund. (Details will be included in the document.) I want you to be completely satisfied that this "first coaching session" is worth much more than you are paying, or I don't want your money.

All it takes is that first step. Click the button below to get instant access to all the resources that make up your first coaching session. Answer the questions as best you can, then either fax or e--mail it back to me se we can set up your free follow-up coaching session.





Yes, Diane! I want to take action toward getting my book published. Send me your first coaching session, the "Jump Start Your Book: 12 Steps to Writing a Book that Sells" Toolkit, which includes all the following:

  • Jump Start Your Book Manual (PDF or Word doc)
  • Jump Start Your Book Workbook (PDF or Word doc)
  • 51-minute audio on How to Create Any Information Product from Scratch (instant download)
  • 60-minute audio class on How To Write Irresistible Queries and Book Proposals (So You Get Paid to Write)
  • 20 minutes of free coaching to determine the best path of publishing for you (when you return the Workbook answers)

I want to start my book now!

 NOTE: After paying via secure, Hacker-safe PayPal (you can use your credit card as well), you will be sent right away to the page where you can dowload Jump Start Your Book and all the bonuses.

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Thank you for the privilege of helping you get your book started. I look forward to learning more about your project!


To your publishing success,


Diane Eble


P.S. I am nearly booked solid for my book coaching, so I do not know how long I will be able to offer the follow-up laser coaching session. This is a most valuable aspect of the Jump Start Your Book Toolkit, (an $85 value in itself), since it is when you get customized suggestions on which publishing path best fits you. I would hate to have you miss out on it. If you're serious about starting your book or information product, I suggest you take action right now. Click the box above that says "I want to start my book NOW" and let's get your book rolling!


P.P.S. Jump Start works for creating ANY information product, as the following testimonial proves.



"I've been trying to get started on my book for weeks and couldn't seem to find a starting point. This is it! The exercises in 'Jump Start Your Book' made me write down the things that were floating around in my head in no particular order, and b rought structure to the chaos of ideas. 


"Jump Start helped me figure out what kind of information product I wanted to create. I now know it's not a book I'm working on, but a telecourse. The process showed me how to determine who my ideal client is and why I'm doing this course.


 " The 3-word, 5-minute exercise was invaluable in helping me describe my course. It enabled me to pinpoint the benefits I will provide and figure out who I can count on for help. Thanks for a great guide, Diane."


--Cathy Perkins, Hickory, North Carolina

creator/teacher of "The WordPress Dashboard---Your Mission Control" telecourse



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