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Want to Get Published by a Traditional Publisher?

Then What You'll Need is a Book Proposal ...

If you long to be published by a traditional publisher, it is possible!

You just need to know how to go about it. That's why I'm preparing a course on  "Book Proposals that Sell: How to Write A Proposal Publishers Find Irresistible." I want to give you the best possible chance of snagging a publisher who will pay you, instead of you paying them to get your book out there.

All 11 of my books, and one book that was resold (Abundant Gifts), were published by major publishing houses. And I sold all 11 of my books (plus the reprint) on the strength of my winning book proposal strategy.

I want to share everything I know with you so that you greatly increase your odds of getting published by a "real" publisher. (And make no mistake: you do gain more credibility, especially with the media, when your book is published by a traditional publisher. Not only that, but it's almost impossible to get into bookstores unless you're published by a traditional publisher. So, if credibility is what you crave from your book, this is the way to go.)

As I am preparing that course, you can do two things yourself to prepare.

Action Step #1: Get on the notification list for when my course on "Book Proposals that Sell: How to Write A Proposal Publishers Find Irresistible" is ready.

Here's what you will learn from the course:

  • How publishers decide what to publish--and why understanding this process will give you an edge.
  • What you must send a publisher--and what not to send. (Do the wrong thing, and you can ruin your chances with that publisher.)
  • Why you should never write a book until you've done this first.
  • The five essential elements of a winning book proposal.
  • Resources that will help you stay on top of trends, so that you can demonstrate you are the leading expert in your field.
  • Why it's crucial that you get your book proposal right before you submit to a publisher.
  • My proprietary outline for book proposals (the very same one I used to sell every book I ever proposed--11 books and 1 reprint).
  • The most important part of a proposal--and how to make this as strong as possible.
  • An insider's tool that you can use to prove there's a market for your book.
  • How to test market your book ahead of time to prove to your publisher you have an audience.
  • How to make your book idea irresitible to a publisher.
  • The special formula for coming up with a title that will sell your book to a publisher
  • The key questions to answer that will make it easy for an editor to sell your book to the publishing house.
  • The secret formula for the "marketing plan" section of your proposal, that will convince a publsiher you're worth investing in.
  • How a fiction proposal differs from a nonfiction proposal--and what you absolutely need or you'll never sell your novel.
  • Sample of an actual book proposal I sold--and how I would change it to make it even better now.

PLUS you will have the opportunity to get personal feedback on your book proposal.

If you are interested in knowing when this course is available, sign up below. Signing up in no way obligates you to take the course. It simply enables me to contact you when it's ready, so you can make your own decision about whether it's right for you.

 Yes, Diane, put me on your notification list for when your course on "Book Proposals that Sell: How to Write A Proposal Publishers Find Irresistible" is ready.

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Action Step #2: Consider getting the "Jump Start Your Book: 12 Questions You Must Ask Before You Write Your First Word" Toolkit.

Not only will you get the is the Jump Start Your Book Manual and Workbook in the Toolkit, but it also comes with two great audio classes that will help you get started right away.

One is the class I did with Suzanne Lieurance on "How to Write Irresistible Queries and Proposals." This will be invaluable preparation for the Book Proposal course. In fact, I give you enough solid information in that class alone that you will be able to start your book proposal, perhaps get an agent even, once you've answered the questions in Jump Start Your Book.

The second bonus you will find invaluable is a training I did on "How to Start Your Information Product--from Scratch." The step-by-step directions here will help you start any product quickly. That might not be a whole book--perhaps there's an eBook or even a Special Report you can start with to get you going and test your market.

There's yet another great bonus that comes with the Jump Start Your Book Toolkit. To  get all the details, simply click here.

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