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Why Publish a Book?

The reasons run deeper than fame or fortune ...

by Diane Eble


Perhaps you crave fame, perhaps fortune, when you think of getting a book published.


I suspect there's a deeper reason.


You know from your own experience that books can change lives. In your own life, aren't there at least half a dozen, perhaps many more, books that have made a major impact on your life? Books that changed your way of life in some way, that altered the way you look at the world, or yourself, forever.


You feel, deep down, that you have such a book inside you, a story or knowledge or insights that can change the quality of other people's lives. You long to make that kind of difference in other people's lives.


And I'm here to tell you with the firmest conviction: This is entirely possible. Fame and fortune may or may not follow publishing your book. As a book coach I can tell you how to substantially increase your chances of achieving those things, but there is no guarantee.


What I can guarantee is that if you get your book out there, it will change at least a few lives. And that is something that no amount of fame or money can ever touch.


Let me share an example ...



      On the morning of July 31, 2004, the phone rang and my husband, Gene, answered it. The woman on the other end of the line asked for me. Gene told her I was in the shower, and offered to take a message. The woman was crying inconsolably, which prompted Gene to knock on the bathroom door and insist that I take the call.

     Turning off the shower--I was halfway through, between the shampoo and the conditioner--and dripping wet, I took the phone Gene handed me. Who could be calling? I felt a little alarmed, wondering what was the matter, somehow expecting bad news.

     It turned out to be Maria, a woman I barely knew at the time, whom I'd met recently on the Internet while researching ways to promote my book, Abundant Gifts. She had been so helpful to me that I had sent her a complimentary copy of the book a couple of weeks previously.

    Between her tears, she told me she was on the 9th day of reading the daily stories contained in my book. She said that every day she read my book, her eyes were so reawakened to God’s abundance in her everyday life that she’d made it a habit to pick up the phone and call someone to share what she had discovered in my book.

    That particular morning, the day’s meditation made her weep because it gave rise to profound revelations that resonated with her. She said that upon reading the meditation, she came to the realization that as abundant as God’s gifts are, they couldn’t compare with his greatest gift of all--the gift of himself. "The Giver is the gift!" she exclaimed, clearly stirred by her realization.

    I was heartened by Maria's words because that's what I wanted people to "get " from Abundant Gifts:  that God is a gift-giving God who gives abundantly because of his gracious God-love. He is not the some cosmic vending machine, dispensiing candy to greedy children. He gives so lavishly for one purpose--to draw each beloved child closer to His heart of love.

    In this instance, the gifts kept coming. Incredibly, after Maria shared with me what my book had done for her, I too received a gift of immeasurable value.

    For some time before that moment, I’d had a jaded attitude toward being an author. About two years prior, I got very discouraged about how my books would get into print, then shortly thereafter go out of print. This made me wonder whether I ought to write any more books at all--and I even considered quit writing books altogether and finding something else to do for "real money." Maria’s call made me realize that if my words could touch people’s lives the way they’d visibly touched her, I had no business doubting whether I should continue writing books or not. This ability to write was a gift that God entrusted to me, and through which he intends to bless others. What right had I to refuse to serve the gift?

    Four days later, I received yet another gift. Maria had sent me a check in the amount of $1,000. Maria knew I didn’t have much of a budget to promote Abundant Gifts, so she said if a thousand dollars could help get my book into the hands of more people, to her it was money well spent.

   I thanked her profusely -- but she insisted that the gift I had given her by sending her my book was an even greater gift to her.


Books change lives!


Books also pave the way to great friendships, as I've discovered. More than once I've sent one of my books to someone, and became close friends with a former stranger as a result.


One of the most precious experiences of being an author came from something Robert Allen, best-selling author of many books such as Nothing Down and The One-Minute Millionaire, told me. Bob had gotten in a horrific car accident in 2003 that he survived by a miracle. When I heard about the accident, I sent him a copy of Abundant Gifts.


A year or so later, I met him at a book convention in Los Angeles. I introduced myself as the author of Abundant Gifts. Amazingly, he remembered the book. He said, "Thousands of people sent me books and other gifts after my accident. Yours was one that stayed on my bookshelf and that I returned to often."


There is nothing like the feeling that you have profoundly affected the life of another person through your words. Nothing.


There are people out there who need what you have to share. What only you can share.


In the many years I worked with authors, promoting them and editing them, they shared with me their own stories and letters of how their books have affected their readers. It's quite astounding, and extremely gratifying.


In fact, it doesn't matter what kind of book you write--you WILL affect someone deeply. Some of the authors I've worked with write very "light" fiction--pure "entertainment." Yet they, too, get letters from readers who say they got some new insight from the book.


But ... before you can taste the sweetness of the fruit of your labor, you must do the hard work. You must prepare the ground, plant the seed, cultivate it, fertilize it, water it, protect it from weeds and the elements and the insects....


In other wrods, you have to WRITE the book and then--get it PUBLISHED!


Finally, you have to promote it. Unless the world knows about your book, it does no one any good.


As you do all that hard work, keep a clear vision of the people whom you seek to reach, the lives you want to change through your story, information product, or articles. They are waiting, hungry (though they may not know it) for just what you have to give them.


This vision of my "ideal reader"--the person who resonates with what I write--is what keeps me writing, day after day. I hope it's what will inspire you too to action ... to starting your book now, or perhaps pulling up that manuscript you started years ago and have locked away in a drawer.


There's no time like now. People are waiting ... I am waiting, to hear your story, to revel in your song....


About the author:

Diane Eble is the author of 11 published books and more than 450 articles, an editor, and book coach. To learn how to get your book started today, visit http://www.WordsToProfit.com/JumpStartYourBook.html.









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